Home Inspections in Knoxville, TN: Special Savings for Military Members!

Premier Home Inspection, Veteran Owned and Operated At Premier Home Inspection LLC, a veteran owned and operated home inspection service in Knoxville, we proudly support our military personnel. If you or your spouse is a service member, let your inspector know when booking your home inspection to enjoy an exclusive 15% discount. We value the […]

Top 5 Deficiencies Exposed From a Knoxville Home Inspector

Top 5 Deficiencies Exposed From a Knoxville Home Inspector Here we will cover some of the most common deficiencies found during our Home Inspections here in the Knoxville area. Keep in mind we are only one inspection company and this is what we have found the most common. Every Home Inspector is different. Surprisingly we […]

The Value of Inspections for “Brand New” Homes

Why “New” Homes Need an Inspection In this blog post, we’ll explore the common misconceptions surrounding newly built homes and shed light on the crucial reasons why a professional inspection is essential, even for brand-new properties. A common response we get as home inspectors is often “The home is brand new and has never been […]